Flash is dead... ???

2015-02-10 06:59:44 by kerihobo

I'm only returning to NG after many years forgetting about this amazing place. A lot of conferences and other talks I have been to have at some point discussed the notion that Flash is dead.

Google those words: "Flash is dead". You'll find a lot of references.

I have heard ex-Flash devs support this, as well as people who to my knowledge have never really used Flash. And then there are my web development buddies in Marketting who would also support the idea.

But then it occurs to me, if you look on NG, you'd have a hard time believing that flash is dead. Slowly being replaced with HTML5, only to be replaced with WebGL, this sounds to me more like changes that affect web developers and marketting types. What about entertainers? What do you Flash Gurus have to say on the matter. Are you animators at all affected by the alleged changes happening in our world? Or is Flash here to stay, forever, as far as you're concerned? I ask here because I feel NG is one of the strongest communities for Flash in the world, and I've never heard your side of the story.

Lastly, does stuff like this make you wanna hurt some peeps? 


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2015-02-10 14:41:57

I think as long as there's people
1) on this site
2) who use flash on the daily
3) that want to start animating but don't know where to start so they begin with flash
4) who really appreciate the the opportunities flash has provided for them

flash will still be pretty relevant well into the future. Things change though so I don't know what to expect, but I'm definitely on the side of "for flash"

also that just makes me want to hit and kick every peoples... ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)