2015-02-12 23:13:47 by kerihobo


Hey guys! Just spreading the word. 2 old work colleagues of mine have gone off on their indie endeavour and managed to get their own game on to the appstore for iOS and Android. Solid Tower Defense action and for a little under $4 you get a cool game with some decent work gone in to it, featuring all of the following, also you'd be supporting the NZ indie community!

- Classic maze style tower defense action!
- 30 super challenging levels to test your tower defense skills
- 6 Unique Monster types
- Fight epic Boss monsters
- Unlock 6 powerful towers with 5 upgrade levels
- Complete the story campaign
- Compete against your friends in leaderboards!!

You can download it for iOS or Android via the following links:



Flash is dead... ???

2015-02-10 06:59:44 by kerihobo

I'm only returning to NG after many years forgetting about this amazing place. A lot of conferences and other talks I have been to have at some point discussed the notion that Flash is dead.

Google those words: "Flash is dead". You'll find a lot of references.

I have heard ex-Flash devs support this, as well as people who to my knowledge have never really used Flash. And then there are my web development buddies in Marketting who would also support the idea.

But then it occurs to me, if you look on NG, you'd have a hard time believing that flash is dead. Slowly being replaced with HTML5, only to be replaced with WebGL, this sounds to me more like changes that affect web developers and marketting types. What about entertainers? What do you Flash Gurus have to say on the matter. Are you animators at all affected by the alleged changes happening in our world? Or is Flash here to stay, forever, as far as you're concerned? I ask here because I feel NG is one of the strongest communities for Flash in the world, and I've never heard your side of the story.

Lastly, does stuff like this make you wanna hurt some peeps?

Only 10 years ago, when I was 15, I discovered Newgrounds and quickly became a top fan and audience to many of your amazing works. I was even more impressed that people were achieving 2.5D with a mere 2D interface. That still blows my mind! Newgrounds and her artists were and ARE super incredible! Awe inspiring in-fact. It was a Flash-dominated domain and people were owning it.

I wonder, many of you have put in a lot of work to achieve 3D effects in a 2D interface. Now, when I was growing up, 3D held a lot of magic for me, now having learned all about the world of 3D, it's not nearly as amazing as it used to be, I'm more fascinated by 2D.

My question is, how do many of you old-school/new-school 2D Flash artists feel about this wave of 3D artists who have mosied their way on to Newgrounds? Originally a Flash domain, are you impressed or just annoyed? I realize a lot of the 3D work on here is actually pretty terrible, I'm guilty of some of that myself. Is there this feeling of "ughhh gross... crappy 3D guys, get off our website!" or is it something you're more inclined to welcomingly embrace?


2015-02-08 16:23:49 by kerihobo

I will make one game a month, and upload it to NG. I will care if it is so shit that it gets blammed, so my goal is to add 12 games this year that don't get blammed. It will be an exploration through different genres and techniques to shortcut typically lengthy development cycles. I intend to accomplish it mostly on my own. If I fail this year, either by not completing a game in a month, or by uploading a game that gets blammed, then I must try again next year...

I feel ready!

2014-11-12 14:42:42 by kerihobo

Aside from these past 2 recent (rushed) projects, I haven't uploaded anything to newgrounds since 2006, reason for that is, i tried my hand at flash when I was 17 and it sucked horrendously. Since then I've studied and collaborated locally with many many people and am currently employed as a full-time technical artist at a game company. I've always loved newgrounds but have never quite put aside the time to put anything really good of my own on here. So... anyway yeah, things have changed since 2006 and I think I'm ready to give this a shot. Things will be coming soooooooooon!